Tuesday, June 20, 2017

JW Notebooks for Kids

Want your kids to be attentive at meetings? Give them a writing task and they will have an undivided attention. Below are JW notebooks for kids. They can be used in meetings, assemblies, conventions or even field ministries. These notebooks' designs are kid-friendly: Caleb and Sophia from Become Jehovah's Friend videos.

English, Spanish and Italian. Click here to buy!

French, Korean and Japanese. Buy 2 and get 15% off.

Caleb and Sophia. View these items on the store.

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2018 Circuit Assembly Notebooks

Next year, we will be having our two 1-day Circuit Assemblies. Below are some notebooks that might help you in your note taking. These Circuit Assembly Notebooks are based on the program.
  • [Brown] Circuit Assembly with Branch Representative
  • [Blue] Circuit Assembly with Circuit Oversser
Here are the notebooks in English language. Buy 2 and get 15% off!

Here are the notebooks in Spanish language. Visit the store and buy.

Here are the notebooks in Portuguese language. Buy now!

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Don't Give Up! 2017 Regional Convention Notebooks

Don't Give Up! 2017 Regional Convention notebooks are here. They are available in different languages. These notebooks are based on the convention program. Click the image thumbnail to buy.

English, Spanish and Italian.

Japanese, Korean and Russian.

English and Korean. (Chorus of the JW Broadcasting song "Never Give Up")

If you want to see all the items in the store, click here.